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Each issue takes a look at just that, a single policy issue concerning modern Canada. The issues range in size and scale, but in each we break down the key issue, look past conventional wisdom, and show you the tough decisions we need to make. 


Issue One

Race, Religion, and Culture

Published in November 2020, KPR's very first issue considers and analyzes a selection of topics illustrating the complexity of race, religion, and culture in modern Canada and around the world. 

Read the full issue. 


Waste Management in Canada

Issue Two

Published in February 2021, this issue examines some of both our largest and smallest communities. The examination reveals the complex reality of waste and the necessity of waste management in sustainability.  

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Issue 3 Screen-01.png

Issue Three

Canada-China Relations

Published in March 2021, this issue highlights some of the key points of contention in the Canada-China relationship and reflects on China's global strategy and suggests avenues for Canada's response. 

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Issue Four

Taxation and the Canadian Economy

Published in March 2021, this issue considers how Canadian governments can reimagine our tax and fiscal policy. With the growing desire for change in our post-COVID-19 economy, this issue considers what change could look like.

Read the full issue. 

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