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About Us

Public policy for the people, by the people. 

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At Kroeger Policy Review (KPR) we aim to have a digital publication that isn't only for the people, but all by the people. This is why we have committed to promoting and embracing the values of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. 

We aim to be representative of Canadian society by welcoming and encouraging Carleton University students of all different backgrounds and experiences, especially Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQ+ persons, women and persons of marginalized gender identities, persons with disabilities and persons of different communities. If there's anything that you notice when reading pieces on KPR and you want to let us know, send a Letter to the Editor

We also aim to have a staff that is experienced, thoughtful, and dedicated to making public policy accessible. Scroll down to see our incredible team! 

If you're a BGINS or BPAPM student at Carleton University, you could be on our amazing team too! 

Interested in KPR and want to learn more? Check out our Join Us! page here.

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