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Alumni Experiences: Zoie Sutherland

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Alumni Experiences is a series recounting the experiences of KPR alumni just as they set off for the next chapter of their lives. Want to know what it’s like to be a part of the team? Find out here! Stay toon to read more later this week.

Zoie Sutherland has just completed her Bachelor of Global and International Studies at Carleton University. She wrote two fantastic pieces for KPR, one on The Evolution of Canada’s Prostitution Laws and the other on how the Justice System Treats Black Lives. Her unique voice and intellect will be missed, but we can’t wait to see what incredible things she goes on to accomplish! Before she left, she took the time to talk to us about her experiences here at KPR and her plans moving forward.

In addition to her work at KPR, she is a classically trained ballet dancer and talented writer, interested in political discourse, civil rights, and social issues. She was one of the first writers invited to join KPR and accepted because she wanted to do something that would showcase her proficiency in writing and determined that a student publication would be a great way of doing so. She says writing outside of school enables you to explore personal interests and your voice.

KPR also stood out to her as a way of engaging with political, social, and governmental issues in a publication that would provide both experience and a platform to speak for change. During her time at KPR, she noticed how the publication from the very beginning looked to hold diversity and inclusion of high importance, amplifying voices that would not otherwise be heard. On a personal level, she appreciated that the pitch meetings were small, personal, and supportive of ideas, and that it was a cool experience to be able to show friends and family her published articles.

When asked about some of the things she learned during her time at KPR, Zoie mentioned the wide-ranging skills that writing for the Review helped develop. She pointed out that writing in a policy brief style is a skill in itself, especially in government, but she also spoke about how it for KPR has helped her to strengthen her concise writing skills. She said the parameters and guidelines for pieces taught her how to get big ideas across in less words. She also explained how it has been an interesting journey as it has helped her to find her personal writing voice for when she is not writing for a grade or focusing on what the professor wants from her. She enjoyed being able to explore her personal writing style, as well as figure out how that fit into the goals of KPR.

We asked Zoie is what she would say to anyone who is considering joining KPR. Her message to anyone considering is that they should do it. She expressed that it’s a good experience, welcoming environment, and a way to help you figure out what your interests are apart from your classes. She continued, saying that anyone considering it should be aware of what they’re signing up for and the extra time and energy it will take, but that if they’re up for the challenge, it’s a rewarding opportunity.

Zoie is currently applying for her master’s degree at Carleton, while also looking for a role in the public sector. We are beyond excited for her as she moves into an exciting moment in her life and are truly grateful for all of her contributions to the team and the publication. From all of us at the Kroeger Policy Review, thank you so much Zoie and we wish you all of the best going forward!

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