Issue 2 Foreword

Updated: Mar 29

Foreward by Brian Huynh

Where do we put our waste? This is the question that has guided the Kroeger Policy Review’s second issue on waste management in Canada.

What we’ve found in this issue is that the way we manage our waste is not concurrent with our morals and our values. In Canada, we pride ourselves our sustainability efforts and environmental stewardship, but in urban centres, compost and recyclables often find their way into landfills. We pride ourselves on providing equal access to services to everyone across the country, but many Northern and rural communities in Canada are still forced to incinerate their waste. And on the international stage, we pride ourselves on supporting the growth of developing nations, yet we ship our waste across oceans to leave it on their lands, out of sight and out of mind.

In this issue, our writers examine the waste management policies of Canada’s largest cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary. They examine the pros and cons of the Ontario government’s plan to roll out Extended Producer Responsibility across the province. They look at waste management through an international lens, providing insight into Canada’s waste shipments abroad and waste management through the Sustainability Development Goals. Finally, our writer Chanel Best does a deep dive on Waste Management in Northern and Rural Canada.

I want to thank all of the writers and editors on this issue, they’ve produced a truly incredible body of work. I want to thank our Assistant Managing Editor, Lauren McCoy who wrote such incredible pieces and played a large role in the management of the issue.

I want to thank Dr. Calvin Lakhan, co-investigator of “Waste Wiki” at York University and Duncan Bury, founder of Waste Watch Ottawa for taking the time to speak with our team.

I want to thank the Arthur Kroeger College, the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management program and the Bachelor of Global and International Affairs program for their continued support of the Kroeger Policy Review.

Finally, I want to thank Hibagh Ahmed and Tana Cheema for assisting in the creation of this foreword.

I hope you find this issue informative and empowering.