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KPR's New Editorial Board

On April 7, 2021, the Editorial Board unanimously approved a series of role changes and new appointments, growing the Editorial Board to a total of eight members. Below is a statement from Kroeger Policy Review's Editor-in-Chief, Brian Huynh, and a description of each Editorial Board member, followed by the complete listing.

"As Kroeger Policy Review enters it's second academic year, we need an Editorial Board that will work hard to ensure that all the elements that are core to our publication are managed effectively and efficiently while continuing to innovate our format, our media, and our internal organization.

All Board members who have been appointed have played key roles in the development of the organization and have all demonstrated their commitment and dedication to strengthening KPR. Our Editorial Board has a clear vision and a full team of active members ready to face the challenge of managing a new and growing organization."

- Brian Huynh, Editor-in-Chief


Brian Huynh

Brian Huynh, Editor-in-Chief

4th Year - BPAPM

On March 26, 2021, KPR's co-founder and founding Editor-in-Chief was unanimously acclaimed to resume his leadership until April 30, 2022. In his role, he will continue to develop strategies to grow and expand KPR.

"I want to thank all members of KPR for instilling their trust in my leadership. KPR has grown exponentially since our start in September 2020. I will continue to make KPR a rewarding experience for all of our members."

Hibagh Ahmed

Hibagh Ahmed, Deputy Editor-in-Chief 3rd Year - BPAPM

Hibagh previously served as KPR's Managing Editor and her experience and leadership has been core to how KPR has grown and achieved so much in the last six months. In her new role, she will oversee the actions of the Editorial Board.

"I will work with our Editorial Board to continue to strengthen our editorial process. In the upcoming year, I am excited to watch KPR grow and continue to take on new challenges!"

Lauren McCoy

Lauren McCoy, Managing Editor (Issues & Publishing) 2nd Year - BGInS

Lauren will be responsible for coordinating the development of issues, managing the submissions process, and managing the publication process. Lauren previously served as KPR's Assistant Managing Editor.

"I'm looking forward to working along side Alex and Lindsey to keep KPR running smoothly behind the scenes and I can't wait for you guys to see all the interesting content and issue ideas we have in store!"

Rachel Schafer

Rachel Schafer, Managing Editor (Editorial) 2nd Year - BGInS

Rachel will manage KPR's editorial team, coordinate the editorial process, and develop KPR's writing standards. Rachel previously served as KPR's Deputy Managing Editor.

"I'm beyond excited to be taking on the new role of Managing Editor (Editorial). I look forward to working closely with the Editors to grow and improve the process, as well as continuing to see KPR grow and expand over the next year!"

Benjamin Beiles

Benjamin Beiles, Managing Editor (Writing) 3rd Year - BPAPM

Benjamin, will oversee KPR's Advising Editor policy and, by extension, KPR's writing team. He will work with Advising Editors to develop clearer communication and to ensure Advising Editors have a standard of training and resources to assist them in their role.

"I am looking forward to building a cohesive, passionate, and contemplative writing team that lives up to KPR’s mandate to bring policy to the people. "

Lindsey Keene

Lindsey Keene, Associate Managing Editor (Publishing) 1st Year - BPAPM

Lindsey will now manage KPR's publication process. She will be responsible for digital publishing and web design. She will also be responsible for developing KPR's style and writing standards with our Editorial team.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Editorial Board as an Associate Managing Editor. I look forward to being a part of KPR’s development as it grows and looks toward a successful future.”

Alexander Stoney

Alexander Stoney, Associate Managing Editor (Information) 2nd Year - BGInS

Alex will oversee KPR's new submissions process and work to develop and maintain KPR's knowledge base. He will also assist the Editorial Board in developing and managing issues for the 2021-2022 year.

“I’m very excited to be taking on my new role as Associate Managing Editor. I look forward to working with an amazing team and continuing to improve KPR for everyone."

Jesse Hsieh

Jesse Hsieh, Associate Managing Editor (Audio) 2nd Year - BPAPM

Jesse will take the lead on KPR's forays into audio. As an experienced podcaster himself, he will be responsible for identifying KPR's audio strategy and for developing audio content for KPR's Fall 2021 audio launch.

"I’m excited to be joining on the Editorial Board in my new position to help integrate audio into our existing content! My hope is to further inspire more students to take on different creative approaches in their time at KPR."

Kroeger Policy Review Editorial Board, by order of seniority, as of April 1, 2022:

[1] Brian Huynh, is re-elected as Editor-in-Chief until April 30, 2022

[2] Hibagh Ahmed, accedes to Deputy Editor-in-Chief until May 1, 2022

[3] Lauren McCoy, assumes the role of Managing Editor (Issues & Publishing) until July 22, 2022

[4] Rachel Schafer, assumes the role of Managing Editor (Editorial) until July 22, 2022

[5] Ben Beiles, is appointed to the role of Managing Editor (Writing) until December 7, 2022

[6] Lindsey Keene, is appointed to the role of Associate Managing Editor (Publishing) until December 7, 2022

[7] Alexander Stoney, is appointed to the role of Associate Managing Editor (Information) until December 7, 2022

[8] Jesse Hsieh, is appointed to the role of Associate Managing Editor (Audio) until December 7, 2022

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