Welcome to Kroeger Policy Review (KPR)! KPR is a digital publication created and operated entirely by Carleton University students. Our mission is to create content about public policy that is accessible to everyone, not just analysts and experts.

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In order to join KPR you must:

Be a student at Carleton University

Have an interest in public policy

Submit a sample of your work

It's really that simple!

I'm a first year student with no experience writing for a publication or knowledge about public policy. Can I still join KPR?

That's perfectly fine! No prior experience is required to join KPR. We have team members who are at different stages in their academic careers, from first years all the way to fourth and fifth years. Our team will ensure you have all the skills you need to succeed at KPR as you work alongside experienced student writers who will guide you in policy analysis, writing, and so much more! 


Why should I join?


By the Numbers (2020)

46% of KPR members identify as BIPOC

68% of KPR members identify as women

27% of KPR members identify as LGBTQ+

2% of KPR members identify as living with                    a disability

Feel Safe

 KPR is committed to the principles of diversity, inclusivity, equity and accessibility. We are an organization made up of people from all different walks of life - It doesn't matter who you are, you will be welcomed at KPR.

"Hi, I'm Tana Cheema, the Chair of the Board of Directors and Internal Ombud. As Internal Ombud, it's my role to ensure that our organization is fulfilling our commitment to pursue and consider greater diversity, inclusivity, equity and accessibility in every internal decision we make. It's also my role to ensure that our organization is a safe space for all. Everyone is welcome at KPR"

Learn from your Peers

Our team is made up of students with a wide range of experience that are there for you to learn from. Our team members bring experiences from and have applied their KPR experiences in the following organizations. 

"Through my work as a KPR editor, I was able to hone my writing skills. 
As a series editor, I was lucky to have the opportunity to work closely with an amazing team of writers. That experience taught me so much about the publication process since I also helped keep the series on track. I love being an editor for KPR because of how fun and incredibly enriching it is!" 

Saiyara Elahi, Advising Editor

"I have found that during my time as a writer with KPR I have expanded my research and writing skills immensely...The pieces I have worked on have been very different from the essays I have to submit in school. The freedom to write about what I'm passionate about and working with an editing team is extremely invaluable. It was daunting but learning a new writing style has been exciting and has made me more confident about writing outside of an academic environment." 

Katso Ramodimoosi, Writer 

A Hybrid Community

If you've felt isolated over the last year you'll have the opportunity to meet, work, and connect with others at KPR. 

Starting this Fall, with public health approval, KPR will conduct business both in-person and virtually to ensure that you can be a part of this community no matter where you are.



Learn from the Experts

KPR hosts small, informal developmental workshops with academics and experts to develop the skills you need to succeed at KPR and in the workplace. 

Workshops in Fall 2021 include: 

  • How to write a Policy Brief 

  • Working with a career coach to develop social networking and interviewing skills

  • How to conduct Investigative Research and find high-quality sources

Learn by Doing

Do you want a career in public service; journalism; the non-profit sector; politics; or academia? They may seem different, but the building blocks are the same. While KPR an organization with the goal of policy analysis, we are committed to helping you work on meaningful skills specific to your professional and academic goals.  

At KPR, you'll be provided the opportunity to develop skills in policy analysis, writing, research, communication, teamwork, and editing as you write articles, conduct interviews, record podcasts and connect with your peers.

Practical Experience

"During my time with Kroeger Policy Review, I gained experience with the publishing process while participating in pitch meetings and writing articles with a focus on analyzing foreign policy and law. These experiences have deepened my perspective and equip me well to continue with both my informal studies and goal of attending law school."

Peter Hamilton, BGInS '21, former KPR writer, recipient of a 2021 Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Open Positions

This fall, we're looking to fill the following positions:

Junior Writers

The backbone of our organization is our amazing team of writers. Our writers create content to educate readers on the most pressing social and political issues in Canada and abroad. Writers provide meaningful commentary and critiques on what some of Canada’s most complex policies mean in plain language and offer insight into how policy can be improved. Their diverse opinions, backgrounds, and knowledges create engaging pieces to show how policy affects all Canadians as we aim to help shape a future where all voices hold a place at the policy making table. 

Junior Editors

Editors are an integral part of the Kroger Policy Review, as they decide what articles meet our organizations publication standards. Their main duties involve participating in the two-step blind editing process each article undergoes before publication, however they also work with writers to help them come up with and refine their ideas for an article. 

Join Us!

Our team is always looking for new members to grow our organization and bring engaging and innovative content to our readers. Click on the box below to fill out our Recruitment Form and sign up for a time slot for our Orientation Meeting, where we'll go into more detail about KPR operations and give you the opportunity to ask questions.